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The Leaf Terminator gutter guard passed the most stringent testing standards in the country. PRI Construction Material Technologies performed its testing to Miami-Dade County standards with the following results for The Leaf Terminator gutter guard:

  • Wind Test – Withstood winds of 110 mph – a category 2 hurricane equivalent.
  • Load Bearing Test – Handled 1200 lbs per square foot on a 5 inch gutter system.
  • Debris Test – No leaves, twigs or pine needles remained on The Leaf Terminator gutter guard and debris did not build up in the gutters.
  • Rainfall Test – Accommodated 22 inches of rainfall per hour, which equates to 44 feet of rain in one day

You can count on The Leaf Terminator gutter guard to perform as promised even in high wind zones that have more stringent building codes and areas with heavy snow and ice buildup.

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