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With The Leaf Terminator gutter guard’s exclusive fastening system, there are no unsightly hangers or brackets to detract from the product’s appearance on your gutters. The Leaf Terminator is designed to keep you off the roof and end dangerous, messy gutter cleaning jobs .“I spent years bending and shaping metal to find a design that would not blow off in heavy wind or collapse under the weight of snow or debris,” said Tony Iannelli, the inventor of The Leaf Terminator gutter guard who continues to run the family-owned and operated Gutter Covers International. With The Leaf Terminator gutter guard’s patented perforated water handling design, you can keep your gutters clean and prevent costly damage to your building’s walls, foundation and landscaping. The perforations in The Leaf Terminator gutter guard are engineered to keep out large and small debris, yet still maintain an effective water flow due to the patented staggered pattern. Smart engineering makes Leaf Terminator the green answer to maintaining the trees around your home – and that increases your home’s value.

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