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Home Remodeling in Thomaston CT

Are you are looking for expert contractors for home remodeling in Thomaston CT? Then, look no further! Casanova Remodeling offers a variety of upgrades to modernize your home. Some of our most popular upgrades include bathroom remodels, finishing your basement, kitchen remodels, and upgrades to exterior of the house like the siding and roof.

If you're listing an outdated house for sale, then prepare to wait a long time for offers. If your house has outdated bathrooms or a leaky roof, then potential buyers aren't going to walk away, they're going to run! One of the most important requirements for FHA buyers is the condition of the roof. If you have a leaky roof, then they'll either make the purchase contingent on the roof repair or withdrawal their offer. It's better to get this problem fixed before listing so you can avoid missing out on a good sale.

Reliable Roofing Contractor

To continue, roof repair costs can be costly. This is why it's important to find a trustworthy and affordable roofing contractor. Casanova Remodeling only employs experienced and insured roofers that will repair your roof in a timely manner at an affordable price. We have 15 years of experience and happy customers to back us up.

How Do I Know If My Roof Needs Repair?

If you're not sure if your roof needs repair, then the experts at Casanova Remodel will inspect your roof. We'll let you know exactly what you do or don't need and provide free, upfront estimates, as well. Additionally, if you see any wet spots on your ceiling or walls, call the expert roofing contractors at Casanova Remodeling to determine the severity and source of the leak. We will help whether you're missing a few shingles, or need en entire roof replacement. Both are important investments for your home. Casanova Remodeling builds new roofs that last up to 50 years. This creates a safer home for you and is attractive to homebuyers if you decide to sell.

Our Reputation In Home Remodeling in Thomaston CT

Casanova Remodeling is a top rated roofing contractor in Connecticut and has serviced hundreds of homes in the four-state area. We provide reliable, professional services at affordable prices. Our work is impeccable, we arrive on time and come in on budget. 

Most importantly, our company is completely in compliance with Thomaston's rules and regulations. Our customers will tell you that our focus on customer service and satisfaction make Casanova Remodeling a company you can trust. During your consultation, we'll explain the project, answer your questions, then choose materials and a time frame that works best for you.

To conclude, Casanova Remodeling will build and repair roofs made of all materials. These include: asphalt, flat, metal, cedar wood roofing, copper roofs, tin, and we do chimney flashing. We'll explain your choices and have samples, so you can view them first hand. Casanova Remodeling has the best reputation in CT and we have testimonials from many happy clients for you to review. We invite you to call (877) 283-8158 or contact us any time for a consultation.

Home Remodeling in Thomaston CT