Casaova Remodeling is rated #1 for Gutter Contractors in Westbrook CT and Old Saybrook CT. We're here when homeowners need reliable gutter contractors to call on. Casanova Remodeling is a local company that has served commercial and residential customers for years in Middlesex County. We offer home improvement services including gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter maintenance, and gutter installation services.

Got Clogged Gutters?

To continue, Gutters can't do their job when they're clogged or damaged. If you find debris growing in your gutters, evidence of fascia damage, debris from insects, birds or rodents, then make sure to give us a call right away. When you have gutter obstructions, then you take a risk at erosion, rotting fascias, undermined driveway pavement, and more. When water flows from your roof into your gutters, it must be directed via the downspouts away from your foundation. Casanova will ensure you have a sound gutter system that's protected with our premium products will keep your gutters clear, unclogged, and free flowing.

We work with independent companies that represent our products and can recommend the very best product designed specifically for your home. Our line-up of quality gutter protection products include:

Gutter Topper

One of our premium products include the “Original” Gutter Topper. It works by keeping your gutters free flowing and free of debris. Gutter Topper has 11 critical bends of strengths, so it’s prepared to take all weather, rain, snow, and strong winds. Click here to learn more about the Gutter Topper.

The Solution™

Another featured product we use is The Solution™. It works with both new or existing residential gutters. Its design allows water to come into your gutters, but simultaneously keeps leaves and debris out. Also, it stops gutter overflow which can cause damage to your basement, foundation, walls, and landscaping. Click here to learn more about The Solution™

Hott Topper

Hott Topper eliminates snow and ice buildup during the Winter on top of your gutter protection. Click here to learn more about Hott Topper.

The Leaf Terminator

The Leaf Terminator strengthens your gutter system while having a low profile. An interesting feature is that it contains no mounting brackets or noticeable hangers. Click here to learn more!

The Needle Beetle

The Needle Beetle creates micro-perforations which allows water to enter the gutter, but keeps pine needles from clogging up the system. Click here to learn more.


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