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The Needle Beetle will solve your gutter pine needle problems.Pine needles have always been a problem for gutter protection products. Their small size would slip through the cracks and prevent the gutter protection system from working properly.  Pine needles have always been a problem for gutter protection products – until now! The Needle Beetle was specifically designed to combat the problems caused by pine needles.  Micro-perforations allow the rainwater to enter the gutter, while at the same time, keeping the pine needles from clogging up the system.Homeowners have been looking for a cost effective, hassle-free way to eliminate the clogs that pine needles can cause in their gutter systems.  But at the same time, they wanted a product that would stand up to everything Mother Nature could throw at it.  The Needle Beetle can handle 17” of rainfall per hour.  That’s 34 feet of rain in one day!  And because of the heavy gauge aluminum from which the product is manufactured, you can be sure it will stand up to heavy snow and ice. The Needle Beetle installs over your existing gutters and actually strengthens your gutter system.  It looks great with any type of roof and fits 5” and 6” gutters. Sometimes the smallest things can cause the biggest headaches.  The Needle Beetle is the perfect solution to pine needle problems.       Click here to contact us for a FREE estimate!






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