Roofing Contractors – Westerly RI, Newport RI, Cranston RI

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Roofing Contractors – Westerly RI, Newport RI, Cranston RI

Your home is one of your biggest investments. It’s considered safe place for you and your family. The roof of your homes is what helps protects your family from outdoor elements. We can not stress enough how important it is to use a company you can trust. At Casanova Remodeling we are roofing contractors who care about reputation. It is extremely important not to let non experienced contractors who gives you an unbelievable deal work on your home. When it comes to Roofing Contractors, Casanova Remodeling would like to tell you, that it’s honestly not an easy job. Your roof needs to be perfect and we can do that. All the way from making sure there are no gaps, to cutting around chimneys, and making sure nothing leaks. It is making sure you lay everything out correctly.

At Casanova Remodeling we repair work that other contractors failed to do. We usually get calls when the home owner starts seeing their roof leaking and can’t get in touch with the contractor who performed that spotty job in the first place. When it comes to having a roof that can withstand storms, rain, snow. Casanova Remodeling has got you covered. We don’t take shortcuts, we get it right the first time. At Casanova Remodeling we always use the recommended materials for the job. We do not use inexpensive or cheap materials to cut costs! Casanova Remodeling uses the correct materials to make sure your home is protected. We have all seen home improvement show where a good contractor has to fix up a house that has been built wrong or done cheaply and the homeowners end up paying more to fix it. Don’t let that happen to your roof.

After a long and brutal winter, home owners all over RI are starting to assess the damage the heavy New England snow and ice dams did to their roofs and gutters. Many of us spent many winter weekends up on the roof desperately trying to shovel off the accumulation, inadvertently damaging your roof and breaking your gutters. If you think you have roof or gutter damage that should be addressed please call the experts at Casanova Remodeling. We can fix a damaged roof or gutter system, or install new efficient roofing materials and warming gutters to prevent ice dams from forming. Don’t get stuck on the roof like you did this past year, call Casanova for your free estimate! We serve all of Rhode Island including towns as Westerly RI, Newport RI, Cranston RI. 

When it comes to picking a contractor be sure to trust the pros not your neighbor with a pick up truck. We are fully licensed and insured and are willing to give you a free estimate on your home. Call us today and find out why Casanova Remodeling can do it all. Take care of your home with Casanova Remodeling. Call us today at 1-877-283-8158.

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