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The Amazing Gutter Topper Story



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Tony Iannelli is a man who enjoys building things. As a general contractor, he found satisfaction in using his skills to make his customers’ homes better. But, as a craftsman, he was often bothered when materials or systems didn’t perform properly.

Tony saw the damage—ruined drywall, washed out plantings—caused by clogged gutters. That’s when the builder turned inventor. Tony knew he could prevent these problems if he could create a ‘topper’ for gutters that would prevent leaves and debris from collecting.

It wasn’t an easy task. Working in his shop, Tony went through design after design. One handled leaves well, but not high volumes of water. Another wasn’t strong enough to withstand high winds. Finally, Tony found the design that did it all—one that handles tremendous amounts of water and rejects leaves, was light enough to mount on existing gutter systems, and strong enough to handle winds as well as the weight of snow or ice.

Tony patented this amazing gutter cover design and then began the process of bringing his invention to the marketplace. Today, millions of feet—that’s right, millions of feet—of Gutter Topper products have been installed on homes just like yours. In fact, Gutter Topper products are being installed in over 200 markets across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Gutter Topper has eleven critical bends of strength, forming a rounded ‘nose’ that water follows into a series of specially designed slots. This amazing gutter cover design makes Gutter Topper both exceptionally strong and exceptionally effective. Tony Iannelli, Gutter Topper’s founder, continues to innovate and patent his designs. In all, Gutter Topper is the owner of 15 Patents/Patents Pending from the U.S. Patent Office.

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Tony Iannelli, Builder/Inventor